Post 18 maja 2020, o 12:52

Maggie's Toy Mod

Maggie's Toy Mod vs 1.0

Created by Chinaminer IV-V 2020

This modification adds a new unique item to the game, Maggie's Toy - it drops from Bloodraven in 1 Act on normal difficulty.

Added also many unique items, they dropping from ALL main bosses on normal difficulty.

Main Bosse's on normal difficulty dropping now new unique items

Added Items:

1)Maggie's Toy
2)Immortal Phoenix
3)Flight of the Phoenix
4)Chorletta's Revenge
6)The Great Uncle Saras
7)Warboy's Pew Pew Stick
8)Wok's Negate
9)Supernena's Pink Lemonade
10)Caith's JabJab
11)Bislobo's Blue Sweater
12)The Remains of Hexis
13)The Remains of Micro Jackson
14)The Remains of Nicoletta
15)The Remains of Sola
16)The Remains of Janni Exile
17)The Remains of MasterKas
18)Mill's and Land's Knowledge
19)Disra's Stick The Leader
20)Soul of a Salty PVPer
21)CJ the Duelist's Epee
22)Queenie's Crown
23)Marius Buys Fortune
24)Dragan Mocny's Plea
25)Tipo's Lucky Eye
26)The Secret Key to Cyrodil